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At Right To Share Food, we believe that sharing food with our brothers and sisters is a fundamental human right. We believe that sharing food is a constitutionally protected activity, guaranteed under the freedom of association clause of the first amendment of The Constitution of the United States of America. We believe that sharing food outside and in public is an equally protected activity. Our goal is to promote cooperation among people in order to exercise and defend this right.
Peoples Lobby for Economic Justice
Coalition for the Abolition of Safer Cities Intiative
Los Angeles Meanest City

Cities in Conflict over Right To Share Food

record no date article city state link memo
11 03/23/09 Orlando FL Activist Arrested For Feeding Homeless At Lake Eola More on FNB Orlando case. Activist arested at lake Eloa.
12 02/03/07 Orlando FL Debate Rages in Florida Over Law Against Feeding Homeless Debate rages over law agenst feeding Homeless.
13 10/08/07 Orlando FL Group Intentionally Violating City Ordinance During "Ladle Fest" Group intentionaly violates feeding homeless. + 6 more links.

FL Issues involving feeding of the homeless Orlando Sentinal Links to many articles about feeding the homeless.
15 04/04/07 Orlando FL Feeding the Hungry is a Crime City councils are cracking down on charity groups that feed the homeless without a permit Feeding the hungry is a crime
16 05/17/07 San Fransisco CA You Tube Video Feeding the Homeless Nice video feeding homeless in CA good comments
17 10/23/09 Phoenix AZ Arizona Church Ordered to Stop Feeding Homeless AZ church ordered to stop feeding homeless. Appeal
18 11/10/07 Phoenix AZ Judge says Phoenix church cannot feed homeless Crossroads church in Phoenix ordered to stop video.
19 06/21/10 Gainesville FL Demand City of Gainesville, FL to Feed ALL Who are Hungry! Crossriads church must move to feed homesess. Religious land use link.
20 04/27/98 Richmond VA Ordinance proposed to feed hungry legally in Richmond, VA. Richmond VA Compramise reached. Link Homless peoples network
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Please contact Michael "Waterman" Hubman, founder Watercorps, human and homeless rights activist, founder Peoples Lobby for Economic Justice

Michael Hubman / Watercorps 620 East 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 Telephone (714) 227-2217 waterman@watercorps.net